MANTRA - MANagement of TRAining

Mantra is divided in the following sections:

1. Training
2. Distance Learning
3. My courses
4. My profile
5. Logout

Here below the detailed description of each section:


Here you find the list of all the upcoming training If you wish, you may apply, by clicking on APPLY NOW. The system will send an automatic message confirming only that you have applied for a specific course. Afterwards, you will receive the official registration message.
If you do not receive the mentioned registration message, it means that your name is in our waiting list and when a seat becomes available, we will inform you promptly.

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Here you find the list of the available distance learning courses. You may apply for the selected course(s) by clicking on APPLY NOW, to enter the on-line application form.
All the fields of the Application Form are mandatory and we would like to underline the following:

  • The form must be filled in all its parts.
  • In the field Information about the Organisation you must enter the data of your Headquarters in Europe. Please note that email address is already in the system since it has been confirmed by your Headquarters.

You will receive a message confirming that you have requested the participation and your status will be pending. As soon as the DG ECHO Helpdesk confirms your enrolment, you will receive a confirmation message and you will be able to access the distance learning course. The status will change in Go the course and by clicking on it you will join the distance learning platform.


This section is divided in two subsections:
- Classical training
- Distance Learning
Both sections will contain only the courses to which your participation has already been confirmed by DG ECHO Helpdesk.


In case you need to change your profile information


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