Specific Grant Agreement

If ECHO decides to award a specific grant for the implementation of a humanitarian action, it shall send to the Partner 2 copies of the Specific Grant Agreement (SGA), based on the model set out in the Annex I of the FPA, and adapted to the circumstances, if relevant.


To know more, see also the FAQs nr. 92

The Agreement is a document, composed by 6 Articles, to be duly signed by both parties. The language of the Agreement can be either English or French, in principle, depending on the language of the Single Form.
The language of the SGA determines the language to be used for the other Single Form documents.

By signing the Specific Grant Agreement, the Partner agrees to carry out the Action acting on its own responsibility and in accordance with the terms and conditions laid down in the Framework Partnership Agreement, including its Annexes (these documents are not attached to the SGA but are nevertheless an integral part of it).

Together with the Specific Grant Agreement, a cover letter will be sent. The text of the letter may contain important information for the implementation of the action, for instance, reminder to send TOR for evaluation or specific request for information on the Action.

Specific Grant Agreement