Signature and entry into force

The SGA has to be duly signed by both ECHO and the Partner. The latter shall be represented by the Legal Representative mentioned in the Session 12 of the Single Form. The document may be sent through:

  • Registered postal delivery with return receipt

In this case, within 15 calendar days from the receipt, the authorised representative of the Partner shall sign and return to ECHO one original copy of the Agreement, by registered letter with advice of delivery, or equivalent procedure. The second original can be kept for the records.

The Agreement will enter into force on the date of receipt by DG ECHO of the signed copy;

The reception by ECHO of the signed original sent by post will trigger the payment of the first instalment. Sending of the signed agreement by email will not be considered as sufficient to launch the pre-financing procedure.

  • Electronic Exchange system

Not yet applicable

Errors in the Procedure

SGA returned unsignedAgreement not valid ECHO decides whether to resend the SGA text for signature
SGA returned signed but without dateThe date of signature will be the date of registration by ECHO
SGA returned after 15 calendar daysECHO has the right to decide whether to accept the Agreement
SGA returned with modifications made by partnerAgreement considered as null and void. ECHO can decide to launch again the agreement with or without changes
Clerical errors in SGAThe partner can sign the Agreement and inform ECHO (Head of Unit/director) of the identified error/s. ECHO will make the correction

Please note that under no circumstances whatsoever may the Partner make changes to the draft Specific Grant Agreement sent for signature.

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