Article 4: Submission of reports and final payment request

4.1 Either [”[…] months before the end of the implementation period of the Action, the Humanitarian Organisation shall submit an Interim Report on the Action’s implementation, covering the implementation up to one month before the reporting date.”] or [“Not applicable.”].

The reporting deadline is usually 3 months before the end of the Action.

The Interim Report is not required for every action: No interim report requested in the case of:

  • urgent actions or
  • short actions with a duration of less than 10 months.

When the Interim Report is not required, Article 4(1) shall indicate ‘Not applicable.’

When operationally justified, ECHO may:

  • set a different deadline (e.g. in case of long actions – 24 months – the IR could be requested 6/9 months before the end of the action.)
  • request an IR also for urgent/short actions e.g. particularly difficult context or when ECHO does not have the possibility to do a monitoring of the action.

4.2 The Humanitarian Organisation shall submit the final payment request and the Final Report within […] months after the end of the implementation period of the Action.

The Partner shall submit, together with the final payment request a Final Report on both the implementation of the Action, i.e. 'Narrative Report', and on the use of the estimated budget, i.e. 'Financial Report'.

Default reporting deadline is 3 months after the end of the implementation period of the Action however:

  • a different deadline may be set when operationally justified (e.g. in case of consortium), however the extension should not be excessive.
  • If the partner anticipates delays in the submission of the Final Report, it can request at any time a different deadline. The request should be made through a Modification Request, in Section 13 of the Single form.

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