Reference documents

Information and reference documents for Member States' Specialised Agencies (MSSAs) are available here

Humanitarian Aid Regulation - English, French and Spanish version

Financial Regulation - English version

Consensus on Humanitarian Aid - English, French and Spanish version

FPA and annexes

Framework Partnership Agreement for NGO - English and French versions

Framework Partnership Agreement for Red Cross National Societies - English version

Annex I - Specific Grant Agreement - English and French versions

Annex II - General Conditions - English and French versions

Annex III - Procurement Principles - English and French versions


Single Form guidelines vers. 01.01.2019 English language

FPA Guidelines for NGO 2014 English French versions

Guidance note on Simplified Cost Method for Field Office costsEnglish language

Guidance for medium-large scale multipurpose cash transfer programsEnglish language and Release Note

Policy Guidelines ECHO website

Humanitarian Food Assistance Website


Above Standard Visibility Template

Financial Statement Template; Sample

Final Payment Request English and French versions

Remote Management Questionnaire; Quarterly Report

Sectors, Subsectors KOI and KRI

List of Sectors and Subsectors English;

List of Key Outcome Indicators (KOI) & details English and French version

List of Key Risult Indicators (KRI) & details English and French version

Single Form KOI and KRI – Changes Introduced on 22.06.2016

Gender and Age Marker

Gender-Age marker toolkit - English; French; Spanish version

Resilience Marker

Resilience Marker Assessment Card - English version.

Resilience Marker Guidance - English version


Visibility and Communication Manual for European Union-funded Humanitarian Aid Actions - English Version

ECHO Visibility Website

Appel and eTools

Single Form 2018 Offline - Quick Start Guide, Manual and Collaboration Models

Appel & the Pdf Single Form User Manual - English and French versions

Charter URA - English and French versions

Periodic Assessment

Periodic Assessment Instruction English and French version


Audit Information Paper English version