Reference documents

Information and reference documents for Member States' Specialised Agencies (MSSAs) are available here

Humanitarian Aid Regulation - English, French and Spanish version

Financial Regulation - English, French and Spanish version

Consensus on Humanitarian Aid - English, French and Spanish version

FPA and annexes

Framework Partnership Agreement for NGO - English and French versions

Framework Partnership Agreement for Red Cross National Societies - English version

Annex I - Specific Grant Agreement - English and French versions

Annex II - General Conditions - English and French versions

Annex III - Procurement Principles - English and French versions


Single Form guidelines vers. 27.11.2017 English language and Release Note

Single Form guidelines - applying until 21 June 2016 - English language vers. October 2015

FPA Guidelines for NGO 2014 English French versions

Guidance note on Simplified Cost Method for Field Office costsEnglish language

Guidance for medium-large scale multipurpose cash transfer programsEnglish language and Release Note

Policy Guidelines ECHO website

Humanitarian Food Assistance Website


Above Standard Visibility Template

Financial Statement Template; Sample

Final Payment Request English and French versions

Remote Management Questionnaire; Quarterly Report

Sectors, Subsectors KOI and KRI

List of Sectors and Subsectors English;

List of Key Outcome Indicators (KOI) & details English and French version

List of Key Risult Indicators (KRI) & details English and French version

Single Form KOI and KRI – Changes Introduced on 22.06.2016

Gender and Age Marker

Gender-Age marker toolkit - English; French; Spanish version

Resilience Marker

Resilience Marker Assessment Card - English version.

Resilience Marker Guidance - English version


Visibility and Communication Manual for European Union-funded Humanitarian Aid Actions - English Version

ECHO Visibility Website

Appel and eTools

Single Form 2018 Offline - Quick Start Guide, Manual and Collaboration Models

Appel & the Pdf Single Form User Manual - English and French versions

Charter URA - English and French versions

Periodic Assessment

Periodic Assessment Instruction English and French version


Audit Information Paper English version