Periodic assessment

It is carry out by the Commission in order to assess, on a regular basis, whether the partners continue to comply with the partnership conditions and criteria.

In particular, they have to submit the information concerning the previous financial year based on the

  • annual activity report and


To know more, see also the FAQ nr. 8

The purposes of the so-called “Periodic Assessment” are to:

  • Review the legal, financial and technical or organisational situation that may put into question the Partner's compliance with applicable regulatory conditions and criteria and/or may create situations of conflicts of interests.
  • Analyse the financial capacity of its partners.
  • Analyse operational feedbacks received from ECHO operational desks.
  • Review the actions taken by the Partner following the recommendations received during previous audits carried out by ECHO external auditors.
  • Use the information provided to review the conclusions of the risk management.

Assessment procedure

The submission of the required information takes place through APPEL and has to be done, as a general rule, six months after the end of the financial year, and, in any case, no later than twelve months after the end of the given financial year.

The partner will receive an email approximately 6 months after the end of its financial year inviting him to provide the information necessary for the assessment.

The Periodic assessment is managed by the partner’s headquarter. No inputs are required directly from the field.

Failure to transmit the documents and information requested can lead to the launch of the procedure set out in Article 8 of the FPA, which foresees the suspension of the Framework Partnership Agreement.

The documents to be submitted and the submission's modalities are described in the Periodic Assessment Instruction available also in the French version

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References & useful links

  • FPA Guidelines, Section 4.1.3 EN; FR