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Last Newsletter/Flash editions

  • Flash#2 13th December 2018 - New training calendar

Call for proposals Deployment 2018 of EU Aid Volunteers:
Deadline for certification: 9 March 2018
Deadline for submission of the proposals: 6 April 2018 (by 12:00 midday, Brussels time)

Extension FPA 2014
Upadated Single form
Visibility Do's and Don'ts

ECHO Partners' Conference 2017
New HPC list

The Emergency Support Regulation - ESR FPA
Distance Learning Courses
Supporting Tools

  • Echoes FLASH#11 May, 16th 2017 - Updated version of the Communication and Visibility Manual for European Union funded Action and new version of the DG ECHO emblems.

Simplified Cost Method for Field Office Costs

World reconstruction conference: third edition
Aid zone series: euronews and ECHO
New guidance on Cash transfers in 2017 HIPs and ESOP

ECHO’S priorities for 2017
2017 Worldwide Decision
New FAQs on Cash & Vouchers
ECHO Partners' Conference 2016

SPECIAL EDITION: ECHO Partners' Conference

Question of the month: transfer modalities
Education in emergencies forum in brussels
Echo partners conference on 1-2 december!
Echo flash: did you know that echo changed its name?
Welcome to new echo partners

What is it?
Why has it been implemented?
Whom is the e-learning for?

Echo’s new instrument for emergency assistance inside the eu
New training courses and training calendar
New visibility website

Changes in APPEL search interface

ECHO priorities for 2016: feedbacks from the ECHO conference
Eu aid volunteers: what’s new?
New release of the Single Form guidelines

A global partnership towards effective Humanitarian Action
The new version of the FPA Guidelines
Registration for the 2015 annual ECHO Conference
Welcome to new FPA Partners

Eu Aid Volunteers initiative
Guidelines on remote management
New HPC register
Visibility Manual available in French and Spanish
Welcome to new ECHO partners
Visiting ECHO Brussels-security measures

A new year of training: calendar for training sessions in Europe and in the field
ECHOES FLASH: A new way of communication to partners
Question of the month: When can office supplies be charged as direct costs? Do we have to provide specific information in the Final Report, if they cost less than 750 €?
Welcome to new ECHO partners

Follow now the final report distance learning course!
Question of the month: eligible costs for the preparation of the final report

ECHO Partners' conference 25th and 26th November 2014
New release of the Single Form - APPEL notification centre
News on ECHO website

ECHO Partners' conference
ECHO anti-fraud strategy
Interim Report: how to report on results
Question of the month: Medical Devices

ECHO websites…
A new service is about to be launched: the HelpDesk cafè!
Annual Conference of ECHO's humanitarian Partners
European Year for Development 2015: Join in!
Humanitarian Procurement Centres
Welcome to 4 new ECHO Partners

UN Partners' website is online!
Evaluation of the implementation of the European Consensus on humanitarian aid
First Responders Campaign photo competition
Legal changes - new module available in APPEL
Question of the month: Transfer of remaining goods

6 Things To Know About Modification
Final Payment Request Templates
Question Of The Month: Transfers between budget headings of the Financial Statement
The “Audit Information Paper” Is Available

Suscribe to the new distance learning on FPA 2014
New in APPEL: request your 2nd prefinancing payment
Questions of the month: Eligibility and KRI

The new Visibility and Communication Manual is now available!
The ECHO Visibility website has been launched!

SPECIAL EDITION: ECHO's response to the payments problem

The new Gender - Age marker toolkit
Question of the month: Transition projects

New Partners' website online!!
Cash Atlas: the new tool launched by CALP
Check the new Distance learning training courses

Findings from DG ECHO Partners' Conference 2013
News from the Electronic Exchange System (APPEL)
FPA's on the road

Revision of the Partnership Agreement - 2014 Roadmap
Any question? Field training sessions starting from January 2014!!

New trainings and Updated Helpdesk services to be launched soon!!
FPA breaking news