Helpdesk mailbox

The Helpdesk email mailbox ensures continuous, rapid and comprehensive answers to questions related to the 2008 FPA, the new 2014 FPA and the FAFA posed by DG ECHO Partners and staff. Helpdesk support can be provided via email and occasionally via telephone. The Consortium guarantees that more than 60% of the questions received will be answered within two working days, more than 80% of the questions received will be answered within three working days and more than 99% of the questions received will be answered within five working days. Answers provided are based on the information contained in the FPA, annexes and other DG ECHO official Supporting Documents, training materials and website content, including FAQs. You can use this service by writing to or filling in the contact us format

Helpdesk café

The HelpDesk Café is an ad hoc service that will connect partners and the HelpDesk through Skype. A quick and detailed interchange will be always assured!

How does it work? Among the questions to the HelpDesk, the mailbox supervisor will identify issues that require further explanation, and invite by e-mail the Partner for a one-to-one call to discuss them in greater detail. Partners may also request this contact after a usual exchange of e-mails if they need further clarification on a specific issue.

Partners helpdesk website

This website is organised as a permanent portal for DG ECHO Partners and staff in order to provide better and straightforward coverage of the new 2014 FPA and FAFA issues. The objectives of the portal are to contribute to a better understanding of DG ECHO rules and procedures and to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery and support of humanitarian aid. All information provided stems from the FPA, annexes, and official DG ECHO supporting documents. This website is constantly updated, as it constitutes a powerful self-training instrument and in some cases it represents the first contact with the Helpdesk Services.

FAQ database

The mailbox archive will be used to identify the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) submitted by DG ECHO Partners and staff dealing with the preparation, implementation and closure of actions. The FAQs are regrouped and re-elaborated in generic terms, validated by DG ECHO staff and finally published in the FAQ section. The purpose of the FAQs database is to clarify some of the existing DG ECHO rules and procedures and make them available to all website users.
Make sure to frequently visit our FAQ page!!!


The objective of the newsletter is to keep DG ECHO Partners and other interested users informed of the latest news regarding the DG ECHO world. The content of this monthly newsletter include: two or three topics selected taking into consideration new documents published on the DG ECHO website, best practices regarding the application of procedures or particularly relevant news for Partners; a “question of the month”, selected among the most recurrent questions received by the helpdesk mailbox; information for Partners on Helpdesk activities, such as upcoming training sessions and available distance learning training.
You can check the latest issues of the newsletter in the dedicated section.