Final Report

The purpose of reporting is to provide the Commission with full information on the implementation of the Action, so as to allow it to form an opinion with reasonable assurance on whether the Action was implemented in accordance with the Agreement and to determine which costs are eligible for EU funding.

Every report shall relate to the whole Action, regardless of whether the Action is fully or partially funded by the EU Contribution. It shall ensure comparability with the original proposal, while taking into account of any modifications occurred, as well as the internal reporting and accounting systems of the International Organisation.

The Final Report is composed by the following documents:

Information in the narrative and financial reports should be coherent and complementary


The partner will submit the Final Payment Request and Final Report at the end of the implementation period and no later than the date mentioned in the article 4.2 of the Specific Grant Agreement, usually 3 months after the end date of the Action. Respecting the submission deadline is particularly important, especially for partners with an open amount above the threshold.

However, if the partner realises that it needs more time (e.g. for complex actions or in case of a consortium), it can request an extension of the deadline using the Modification request in APPEL and including its request in section 13 of the Single Form.

To draft the Final Report, the partner should create the document in Appel, follow the Single Form Offline ot the Pdf workflow and then submit it through APPEL.

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