A general ledger (Ledger = spreadsheet excel) of the Action is a complete record of financial transactions over the life of the Action, classified by the nature of expenditure claimed, in the relevant transaction currency, namely the currency of the general accounts, which may be other than Euro.

It should enable ECHO to reconcile the figures with the figures encoded in the financial statement: The total of the amounts of each code will have to match with the related code in the financial statement. It is important to indicate the corresponding codes from the ledger in the financial statement, in order to facilitate cross-checking by ECHO.

In principle, the general ledger shall be submitted in the language of the Specific Grant Agreement (English or French). In those cases where this is not feasible, ECHO will likely request a translation of the main headings.

The figures presented in the financial overview, the financial statement and the ledger should be reconcilable.

In order to report on the expenses incurred by the implementing partners of the action managing a portion of the budget (if any), the partner signatory of the agreement should:

  • record the invoices relating to expenses of the IPs in its own ledger, or
  • annex the ledgers of each IP to its Final Report.