end of action

According to Article 8.1 of the General Conditions the only activities for which costs may be eligible if incurred after the eligibility period are: the preparation of the Final Report, the post-distribution monitoring and the final evaluation or audit. Is this list exhaustive or are there any other exceptions (e.g. distribution of remaining supplies)? ,
Can a partner sell a vehicle fully purchased under an ECHO Action if this vehicle does not have anymore an economic value based on depreciation rules of the partner? If yes, is ECHO’s prior approval required in such cases? , ,
Can remaining supplies be transferred to an ECHO-funded Action managed by another FPA partner, by a UN Agency or by an International Organisation , ,
How ECHO calculates the 5% as marginal quantity of remaining goods in similar type? Is the calculation done on the price of the goods or on their quantity? , ,
How many times can a partner transfer remaining goods? , ,
What happens if the equipment still has an economic value after several transfers but there is no eligible recipient for donation, nor any action to which to transfer it again? , ,
Which date should the partner use when calculating the residual economic value of an asset? Should this always be the end date of the eligibility period for the Action? ,