eligible costs

According to Article 8.1 of the General Conditions the only activities for which costs may be eligible if incurred after the eligibility period are: the preparation of the Final Report, the post-distribution monitoring and the final evaluation or audit. Is this list exhaustive or are there any other exceptions (e.g. distribution of remaining supplies)? ,
As per Article 8.1.e) of the General Conditions, in order for costs to be eligible, they “must be covered by the budget of the Action, set out in the Financial Statement of the Action annexed to the Single Form. ”If the partner adds a new budget heading as a consequence of the budget transfer, is the cost related to this new heading eligible? , ,
Can Partners include in the budget a percentage of office running costs for the months after the implementation period of the Action, if these costs are directly linked to the preparation of the final report (e.g. rent, telephone bills, electricity)? , ,
In an ECHO-funded Action a partner plans to carry out some preparatory activities and asks to have the eligibility start date of two months prior to the start of the implementation period. In order to begin these activities properly, the partner requests a loan from a bank, which charges interest. Can the total accrued interest be considered eligible?
In the General Conditions, Article 8(4)(h), reference is made to in-kind contributions from third parties being ineligible. Why not also mention the DG ECHO Partner? Is it not that all in-kind contributions are ineligible? ,
Is it possible for an Implementing Partner to charge to an ECHO-funded Action the depreciation or rental costs of its own durable equipment? , ,
Is it possible to charge to an ECHO-funded action a depreciation rate of an immovable asset (for example, part of the mortgage loan that the partner is paying for its local office)? ,
Is there a threshold for personnel costs?
May lump sums, flat rates, etc. be considered as eligible?
The leasing of equipment is eligible according to Article 8.2 (c) of the General Conditions. Does this mean that the entire cost, including the portion of interest, is eligible?
We would like to perform a post-quality check of shelters built in the framework of an ECHO action. Given the fact that these kinds of activities must be implemented after the end of the action, may ECHO consider the costs related to this check as eligible?
What are “doubtful debts”?
What is the difference between an “incurred cost” and a “committed cost”? What is the implication for the partner? ,