ECHO does not earmark the funds allocated to the action, this means that all the costs of the action must comply with the eligibility conditions set out by the Article 8 of the General Conditions, regardless the amount of the Commission contribution.

Eligibility period

The eligibility period is the period in which the expenditures of the Action have to be incurred.

It starts on the date set out in Article 2 of the Specific Grant Agreement and defined in the Section 1.5 of the Single Form.

In principle, the eligibility period starts on the same date of the implementation period of the Action.
Only in well justified cases and only where it is necessary for the action (e.g. for setting up of office, for launching of the procurement, etc.), expenditures may be incurred before the start date of the Action (maximum 2 or 3 months), but in any case, never before the eligibility starting date foreseen by the HIP.

Whether the eligibility period starts before the implementation period of the Action, the partner is required to provide a valid justification in the section 1.5 of the Single Form.

In any case, the eligibility period expires at the end of the implementation period.