ECHO PARTNERS' CONFERENCE 2017-30 November & 1 December

The annual conference of ECHO's humanitarian aid partners took place on 30 November and 1 December 2017 in Brussels. As in previous years, this has been an important opportunity for ECHO to discuss policy and operational issues of common interest with its partners in delivering humanitarian aid around the world.

Here you can download the Programme of the Conference

web streaming

If you missed the opportunity to attend the Conference, or whether you wish to repeat this experience, here below you can find the link to the webstreaming. To access it, you should encode the password echo2017

Morning panels: Moves towards a more effective and efficient aid system – Tackling gender-based violence: how can the Call to Action make a difference on the ground? Main points

Workshop 1: Risk management in humanitarian operations, particularly in difficult operational contexts

Workshop 2: The EU Integrated Approach and humanitarian advocacy

Workshop 3: EU Aid Volunteers and capacity building

Workshop 4: Public-Private Partnership, innovation and new technologies - Focus: Application of technologies in Education in emergencies