ECHO PARTNERS' CONFERENCE 2016: 1 & 2 December

Evaluation of the partners' conference 2016

The programme


“The views expressed herein are those of the speakers and other contributors to the discussions and may not be regarded as being endorsed by the European Commission.”

  • Panel 1 - DG ECHO's response to the refugee crisis within and outside Europe
  • Panel 2 - Delivering aid effectively and efficiently in partnership

Thematic 1 - Meeting multiple needs across sectors through a basic needs approach - Mr M. Keyes / Mr J. de Lestrange (DG ECHO)

Thematic 2 - Restoring respect for International Humanitarian Law (IHL) – Ms L. Nieto (DG ECHO)

Thematic 3 - Working Inside Europe: Challenges and lessons learned from the refugee crisis

Thematic 4 - New working modalities in support of resilience - Report

Thematic 5 - The added value of the Voluntary Pool

Thematic 6 - The role of the private sector in humanitarian contexts

Policy and Operational Priorities 2017 Ppt

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