How to deal with key financial aspects of DG ECHO-funded actions

What is it?

This course aims at supporting participants in dealing with the main financial elements of a DG ECHO funded action, in order to comply with the rules established by the FPA 2014.
This training is provided in asynchronous modality, therefore lessons will be available on the distance learning platform at any time.
The training is delivered through presentations completed by background speech and visual effects, along with clarifications, examples and interactions. Additional resources are available to be downloaded.

Who can participate?

This course is suggested for staff involved in the financial management of the ECHO-funded actions, such as desk officers, Financial Officers, Financial Controllers both at HQ and field level.
Please consider that this course requires experience in the implementation/management of ECHO funded actions (general knowledge of FPA 2014), so specific issues related to proposal and implementation stage will not be covered and will be given for granted.

What are the main contents?

The course is divided into 5 sections, containing lessons, additional materials to deepen some topics, practical exercises and interactions. These are the topics:

  • Basic rules on ECHO funds management
  • Action expenditures
  • Financial information to be provided at proposal stage
  • Monitoring and reporting on expenditures
  • Expenditures supporting evidence

Time options:

  • Average time for completing the course: 1 hour 30 minutes