The Final Report 2014

What is it?

This course aims at supporting participants in dealing with the steps required by ECHO for a correct preparation of the final report, in order to comply with the rules established by the FPA 2014.

This training is provided in asynchronous modality, therefore lessons will be available on the distance learning platform at any time.

Training modules are delivered through presentations completed by background speech and visual effects, along with clarifications, examples and indications on best practices and available support material to properly prepare and organize the required documentation.

Who can participate?

This course is suggested for staff involved in the drafting and submission of final reports to ECHO, such as desk officers, Financial Officers, Financial Controllers both at HQ and field level.
The course covers both financial and operational sections of the Single Form plus the additional financial information required at final reporting stage. It is therefore suitable for all staff responsible for the preparation and the submission of the final report.
Please consider that this course requires experience in the implementation/management of ECHO funded actions (general knowledge of FPA 2014) since it will focus only on the final reporting requirements (single form, additional financial information, eligibility of costs), while many specific issues related to proposal and implementation stage will not be covered and will be given for granted.

What are the main contents?

The course is divided into 6 sections, containing lessons and practical exercises.
It will start with a general introduction to the Final Report and then it will enter into details of the narrative and financial report and on technical aspects of the creation and submission of the PDF via Appel. The course will conclude with an overview of ECHO’s assessment and final payment.

Time options:

  • medium time for completing the course: 1 hour