Become a master of APPEL and the PDF SF

What is it?

This course provides a complete presentation of the PDF Single Form 2014, in order to improve the participants’ capacity in dealing with its technicalities, to increase confidence in dealing with this format and how to integrate the PDF application with APPEL.

This training is provided in asynchronous modality, therefore lessons will be available on the distance learning platform at any time.

Training modules are delivered through presentations completed by background speech and visual effects, along with practical demonstrations on how to use the PDF tool.

Who can participate?

This course is suggested for staff involved in the drafting and submission of proposal and reports to DG ECHO that need to learn how to use the PDF Single Form, focusing on the technical and practical aspects.

What are the main contents?

The course is divided into 8 sections.
It is focused on the online management of the Single Form and explores the different functions of the PDF application. It will provide participants with a general overview of the Single Form PDF 2014 and on how it is structured, explaining how to use the main functionalities, to attach files and to upload the Single Form on APPEL.
This training requires good computer skills and experience in the implementation and the management of DG ECHO actions (general knowledge of FPA/FAFA is desirable).

Time options:

  • medium time for completing the course: 1 day