Asynchronous Courses

What is it?

The asynchronous distance learning allows teacher and students to interact in different places and different times. Students enrolled in asynchronous courses are able to complete their work whenever they please.
The asynchronous modality favours participation from different time zones and permits involvement of students with complicated schedules.

How does it work?

Distance learning training is available for DG ECHO Partners and is subject to several repetitions. Each course is totally free of charge and must be completed within the given time (check specific durations on the course descriptions!!). Courses are divided into different video lectures that can be watched as many times as desired and include other training material such as exercises, tests, downloadable useful material (audio files, official documents, examples, etc.).
In case of specific difficulties or questions related to the course content the DG ECHO FPA Helpdesk service is available (answers will be provided by a qualified teacher within a working day). To facilitate participants interaction an open chat is also available on the platform.
After having completed the course, participants are invited to fill in an evaluation form with their comments and suggestions, in order to improve the quality of the service.

Available courses