Suspension by DG ECHO

ECHO may suspend the Action when it has evidence or suspect that the partner:

  • committed substantial errors, irregularities or fraud in the implementation of the Action,
  • failed to comply with its obligations under the Specific Grant Agreement
  • has committed recurrent errors, irregularities, fraud or breach of obligations under other grants which have a material impact on the Action

It may also suspend when it considers that exceptional circumstances make the implementation excessively difficult or dangerous for the humanitarian workers or where there is an incompatibility between the implementation of the Action and compliance with humanitarian principles.

Suspension Procedure

ECHO will formally notify the partner through postal delivery with return receipt and e-mail of its intention to suspend and the reasons for the suspension.

The partner will have 15 calendar days to submit observations (this time-limits may be shortened according to the urgency of the matter).

  • If the partner fails to submit observation, the suspension will take effect on the expiry of the 15 calendar days.
  • If the partner submits observations, ECHO will consider them and notify the partner of its decision on the suspension.

Duration and effect of the suspension

  • During the suspension period, the Partners must take all necessary measures to limit the duration of the suspension, to reduce potential damage, to limit the expenses.
  • When the suspension risks to prolong more than 1/3 of the initial implementation period, ECHO must be informed.
  • The suspension has not impact on the basic elements of the agreements (e.g. implementing period, location)
  • The Agreement might be terminated if the causes of the suspension are such that it is not possible to envisage a resumption of the activities or if the causes for suspension last longer than 1/3 of the implementation period.

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