Amendments to the Action

The main rule for Actions is that they should be carefully planned and all the known circumstances must be taken into account when preparing the proposal. However, during the implementation, there may be well-justified circumstances that make it necessary to modify the Specific Grant Agreement after it has entered into force.

The amendment is the instrument through which the Specific Grant Agreement can be adapted to changing circumstances. The amendments are possible, but should be discussed beforehand with DG ECHO, both in the field and at HQ level.

Amendments must be always duly justified, clear and unequivocal. DG ECHO and its partners may agree to amend the Specific Grant Agreement when the implementation of the Action, the achievement of its objective and results or the compliance with the principle of sound financial management so require.

Amendments shall not have the purpose or the effect of making changes to the Specific Grant Agreement, which would call into question the award of the grant, or be contrary to the equal treatment of partners.
Any amendment of the Specific Grant Agreement shall be done in writing. When possible, in order to avoid successive amendments, amendment requests should be regrouped in one amendment.

The possibilities of amending Agreements are set out in Article 12 of the General Conditions. Depending on the subject of the amendment, the form of the amendment and the procedure for its adoption may vary.
Two options are available:

  • As concerns other changes, such as those affecting the legal, financial, organizational and administrative structure of the organization, the partner shall use specific means of communications.

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