Interim Report

Depending on the Action, in order to update the Commission with the state of implementation of the Action, the Partner may be requested to submit an interim report. When the interim report is required, the Partner will find the timing for its submission in the Article 4.1 of the Agreement.

By default the interim report is not required (unless it is operationally justified) in the following cases:

  • short actions with a duration of less than 10 months.

However, an interim report might be required for Actions of less than 10 months for well justified reasons:

  • No possibility for ECHO to do monitoring;
  • Remote management.


To know more, see also the FAQ nr. 7

If the partner fails to submit the interim report within the agreed deadline and without any valid justification, ECHO may terminate the agreement with advance notice.

What is the Interim Report about?

The interim report

  • provides full information to ECHO on the progress of the action, so as to allow it to take an opinion on whether the action is implemented in accordance with the grant agreement and, if problems are detected, decide on possible action.
  • shall provide an update on the status of the implementation of the whole Action regardless of the ECHO contribution, and shall cover up to one month before its submission. ECHO may always request additional information, to be provided within 30 calendar days.
  • Can take the opportunity to ask for a further pre-financing: in this case, a formal request of payment should be attached.

N.B Partners should avoid including in the interim report changes which requires ECHO consent. The modification request is to be used for this purpose.

How to draft the interim report

To start drafting the Interim Report, the partner has to follow the Single Form Offline ot the Pdf workflow use the standard format provided in the Single Form format filling in only the field marked with INT.

  1. Section 2: Humanitarian organisation in the area
  2. Section 11 Derogations
  3. Section 12 Administrative Information

In the Single Form Guidelines the Partner can find, section per section, the minimum information to be provided at this stage.

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