The pdf and offline Single Form applications

The Single Form offline 2018 has been launched! On the 15th of October 2018, DG ECHO delivered the new Single Form for offline use.

The support for the old PDF Single Form will be maintained for at least a few months after the launch date of the new platform. This will enable you to submit new proposals (from mid-October this year onwards) with the offline tool of your choice.

The Single Form is actually supported by two different technologies:

  • The Single Form 2018 Offline application
  • The PDF Application (to be dismissed soon)

The support for the old PDF Single Form will be maintained for at least a few months after the launch date of the new Single Form 2018. This will enable the Partners to submit new proposals (from mid-October 2018 onwards) with the tool of their choice.

Please note that the Single Form 2018 (offline) supports only the projects created after 21.06.2016. Older projects (handful still ongoing at the FR stage) contained a substantially different subset of KRIs that couldn’t be accommodated in our new tool without introducing additional complexity. These projects will continue using the PDF Single Form until their completion.

Who you can contact in case of problems

In case of technical problems in managing the PDF, the offline Single Form application or APPEL, and you do not find andy solution in the dedicated manuals may write to:

The Single Form 2018 Offline

The New Single Form 2018 has been launched to address primarily the problem with unsatisfactory performance of the PDF technology.
The new offline tool can be used for both new and ongoing actions.


To work comfortably with the new Single Form 2018 you will need:

A. The Internet connection and access to APPEL:

  • to obtain the project data and zipped Single Form;
  • to upload the project data to APPEL.

B. A computer with the following software installed:

  • a browser: Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer 11; In this respect, it is advisable to use primarily Chrome or Firefox because the support the “auto-save” feature, while Explorer doesn’t offer the best experience.
  • un-zipping software: 7-Zip, WinRar, WinZip etc. In this respect, please note that to make sure that the Single Form Ofline runs as expected, it is better to keep all the extracted files in the unzipped folder as it is.

N.B: Once you obtained the zipped Single Form with the project data, the Internet connection is no longer required; Microsoft Edge is currently not supported

The Single Form 2018 Offline Workflow

  • Click on the Export button
  • Click on “Download SF 2018” button to receive the new Single Form 2018 with English interface, (alternatively, you may click on “Télécharger le SF 2018” button to receive the new Single Form 2018 with French interface or click on “Download SF PDF” if you wish to work with the old Single Form).
  • You will receive a zipped archive that you need to save and extract on your computer in the location of your choice. It is recommend to save the unzipped folder preferably on the local disk for the best performance when launching the HTML file in different browsers.
  • Launch the index_en.html (or index_fr.html) in the browser of your choice: Chrome, Explorer or Modzilla, to load the front page of the Single Form 2018
  • Click on the “Import the XML” button.
  • In the pop-up window, press on the button “Click here to select a file”, select the XML file from the unzipped package and click on the “Import” button.


In case you do not have access to Appel, you can launch the offline application by clicking on this link but you have to wait that the colleagues having access to Appel send you the .xml of the relevant proposal.

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The PDF Application

It was implemented in 2013 and represents an evolution of the previous eTools system.

The PDF application is based on Adobe PDF technology, and enables Partners to complete any Single Form related document completely offline and to share it with other users via e-mail, Skype or USB key.

The only technical requirement necessary to run this application is Adobe Reader 11 - or higher version, however, please note that with Adobe Reader DC you will experience delays. This software often comes pre-installed on your computer or can be freely downloaded and easily installed.

The PDF Single Form consists of four documents – “eDocuments” - which are used at different stages of the Action, the Request, referred to as RQ, the Modification Request, referred to as MR, the Interim Report, referred to as IR, finally, the Final Report, referred to as FR.

The Pdf workflow

To start working on the PDF application, partners need access Appel. From here, the partner will be able to:

  • download the empty PDF Single Form

Once the initial eDocument has been created, the corresponding .zip folder containing a .xml and the Single Form .pdf files, needs to be Downloaded. After unzipping the folder, the .xml file should be imported into the empty PDF Single Form.
At this point, the partner can proceed to complete the relevant sections of the Single Form.

Once completed, the PDF Single Form has to be fully validated, therefore, the .xml has to be exported from the PDF application and uploaded in APPEL for the final submission. Before the submission to ECHO, the partner should not forget to upload the annexes, if any.

In order to be sure of using the most updated version of the PDF application, it is advisable to download it from APPEL every time the partner wants to start to work on a new document.

For more information please consult the Appel & the Pdf Single Form User Manual

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