Appel and the Submission of the Single Form

The Single Form can be submitted electronically only, through the eTools system. When we talk about eTools we refer to two different online systems: APPEL, managed by humanitarian organisations and HOPE, managed by ECHO staff.


It is an online application used by ECHO staff (including Field Experts and desks) to appraise the eDocuments submitted by the Partners and to monitor the Actions. HOPE is not accessible by the Partners but, from APPEL, they can check the status of the submitted documents (appraised, favourable, rejected or approved).


APPEL is an electronic exchange system used for the following main purposes:

  • to update administrative data
  • to manage the Single Form from proposal to final reporting stage

Therefore, it is only through APPEL that the eDocuments (RQ; MR; IR; FR) can be created and submitted to ECHO.
Once the document has been submitted, it is automatically transmitted to ECHO, that will appraise it thorough HOPE.

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The obligation to use APPEL can only be derogated from in situations of urgency where, for technical reasons, APPEL cannot immediately be accessed by the partner. The partner will send the PDF version of its proposal by e-mail to the desk officer responsible for the agreement.

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