Accessing to APPEL and the APPEL users

APPEL is accessible through this link:

EU LOGIN account

To access APPEL, Partners must have a EU LOGIN user account.

The EU Login is the European Commission's user authentication service. It allows authorised users to access a wide range of Commission web services, using a single email address and password. These user accounts are personal and consist of a single identifier, i.e. a single unique username and password per user.

A Quick Guide is available How to get an user account;

Who can have access to appel

The access to APPEL is granted to ECHO partners through 6 categories of user rights:

Legal Entity Appointed Representative (LEAR)

  • is the person that is empowered by the constituent act or the internal rules of the organisation to represent and legally commit the organisation after he/she has signed the APPEL Charter.
  • only the LEAR can sign the Framework Partnership Agreement with DG ECHO.
  • has the legal responsibility for the management of all other APPEL users of the organisation and their respective user rights.
  • will be able to delegate the management of APPEL user rights by designating User Rights Administrators (URAs).
  • these user rights can only be granted by ECHO and they can only be deleted by ECHO. Therefore, in case of changes in the person empowered to represent and legally commit the organisation, the organisation needs to notify ECHO by sending the information (name, position of the new person) through APPEL using the “Legal Modification Request”.

User Rights Administrator (URA) user rights.

  • can manage user right of other users of the organisation by: proactively granting user rights to staff members of the organisation, or by waiting for requests for user rights to be submitted by staff members of the organisation.
  • document the assignment of user rights and regularly update the list of users (persons that are no longer in the organisation or have changed functions are to be deleted and/or updated).
  • can be granted or deleted only by the LEAR.

Administrative user rights.

  • can modify the organisation's administrative data.
  • the Administrator cannot manage E-request within the Single Form.

Reader user rights.

  • can consult E-requests and the corresponding information in APPEL.
  • cannot encode, modify or send data to DG ECHO.

Encoder user rights.

  • can consult, encode or modify Single Form in APPEL.

Sender user rights

  • can consult, encode or modify E-requests in APPEL.
  • can send E-requests to DG ECHO.
  • it is recommended to have 2 senders per organisation in case of absence of one of them.

With the exception of the LEAR role that is limited to one LEAR per organisation, there are no limitations to the number of users with the above categories of user rights and to the number of user rights assigned to an individual user. It is however advisable to keep the number of users within reasonable limits to assure continuity of operations and to guarantee data quality and coherence.

For more information please check the APPEL and PDF Single Form User Manual (page 21)

In case of technical problems in managing the PDF Single Form application or APPEL, you may write to:

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