PURPOSE: This chapter gives the opportunity to the partners to share additional comments and information with ECHO.

1. General information
2. Humanitarian organisation in the area
3. Needs assessment and beneficiaries
4. Logic of intervention
5. Quality markers
6. Implementation
7. Coordination
8. Monitoring and evaluation
9. Visibility
10. Financial overview of the action
11. Derogations
12. Administrative information
13. Conclusions and humanitarian organisation’s comments
Logframe Overview

When the partner submits a modification request (MR), it must use section 13.1 to summarise the changes made in the various sections of the SF and to request changes not directly linked to the SF section (e.g. in case of force majeure, suspension, extension of deadline to submit final report).

13.1 comments at proposal stage: This section is optional. The partner has the possibility to share with ECHO further information on the Action, which could not be inserted in other sections of the Single Form and that the partner considers important for the appraisal of the Action proposal.

When applicable, in accordance with article 24 of the General conditions, the partner has to inform ECHO on the sensitive and confidential character of the information contained in the Single Form.