PURPOSE: is for the partner to share with ECHO the names of contact persons and of the person authorised to sign the agreement. This information will be used to draft the grant agreement and for correspondence purposes.

1. General information
2. Humanitarian organisation in the area
3. Needs assessment and beneficiaries
4. Logic of intervention
5. Quality markers
6. Implementation
7. Coordination
8. Monitoring and evaluation
9. Visibility
10. Financial overview of the action
11. Derogations
12. Administrative information
13. Conclusions and humanitarian organisation’s comments
Logframe Overview

Do not forget to update your organisation's data in APPEL!

12.1 By default, the name of the legal representative of the person who signs the agreement will be the first name in the list of legal representatives introduced in APPEL by the partner. The partner has the possibility to choose another name form the drop-down list.

12.2 The partner can add as many names of contact person as deemed necessary. Ideally, the partner will provide at least the name of one person at headquarter and one person in the field.

If contact persons in an Action need to be changed, the partner can replace contact persons or add additional contact persons in Appel by clicking the button 'Update contact details'. The pop up screen below will appear, allowing the partner to modify the information. These changes are only possible before the submission of the Final Report.
Once the changes are submitted, a non-essential change Modification Request (MR) will be created automatically, in the section “List of the modifications with Partner's justification”, indicating the reasons for the modification in the following way: “This non–essential change request document was submitted to introduce minor modifications in the contact person details in paragraph 12.2.”

Notification system: APPEL includes a notification system. When applicable, ECHO desk will use the notification system to inform the partner of the need to submit a revised version of the Request (RQ), Modification Request (MR) or interim report (IR). The notification is visible in APPEL (see figure below). The contact persons mentioned under 12.2 will receive an email in their mailbox informing them of the reception of a new notification from ECHO.

The name of ECHO contact persons can be found in the financing decision or in the HIP Technical Annex – section 1.